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Stealing Fire From The Gods: A Dynamic New Story Model for Writers and Filmmakers
James Bonnet
Stealing Fire From The Gods by James Bonnet from the writers Store  

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Format: Softcover
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions

Designed for screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, directors, producers, studio executives and anyone else whose livelihood depends on an understanding of what makes a story great and successful - this new state-of-the-art story model will guide professional writers and filmmakers to a more complete understanding of the fundamentals that drive the world's most important art forms - storytelling and film. Author James Bonnet takes you on a journey through the creative process of storymaking, uncovering not only what makes a story great but also how we can use the creative process to reconnect us to our lost or forgotten inner selves. In the tradition of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler, James Bonnet explores the connection between great stories and personal growth and the significance that connection has for screenwriters and other storymakers. Armed with this new, deeper understanding, there is no limit to the power and art that can be created through your stories. You will know how to tap powerful creative sources deep within yourself and have the tools to use modern metaphors to create stories and films as significant for today as King Arthur and The Iliad were for their times.

Editorial Book Reviews
“Stealing Fire from the Gods” is a first of its kind. The concepts contained therein and fleshed out even more in the Master Class seminar with real life movie examples, gives writers a template to follow in their story creation, similar to what actors have had for years, a compass and touchstone to keep them anchored during the creative process – a book that needs to be read and reread and a seminar of great value to all writers.”
- Gene Hines, Original Writer, Producer, CLIFFHANGER

“Challenging and provocative. Bonnet is a thoughtful and highly intelligent writer whose lifetime of experience and insight have led him to an intriguing theory about how great stories are written. The Golden Paradigm is guaranteed to stimulate lively new debate on the age-old question.”
- David W. Rintels, Emmy, Writers Guild and Peabody Award Winning Writer, Producer
“Anyone who is interested in structuring feeling and thought into words and story will find Stealing Fire stimulating and worthwhile. A lifetime labor of love, it provides the reader with insight, and an overview of the creative process through the history of story. I recommend it and congratulate Mr. Bonnet on his accomplishment.”
- Elliott Gould, Actor, Academy Award nominee

“Stealing Fire from the Gods is like a rediscovered, ancient remedy for the ailing creative soul. Jim has tapped into a wellspring of lost knowledge that goes to the very core of the creative unconscious, unlocking the natural storyteller that is encoded in each and every one of us.”
- Bob Camp, Artist, Writer, Director, and Co-creator of THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW.

“James Bonnet has drawn on his vast experience as a writer and knowledge of storytelling to create a bold, insightful journey into the creative process with Stealing Fire From the Gods.”
- William R. Ewing, Producer, Writer, Studio Production Executive

“This book will certainly will be a bible for writers.”
- Jack Wiener, Producer, FX and FX2

“Anyone who has come to love literature, drama and just plain entertainment in their pursuit of enlightenment will love James Bonnet’s Stealing Fire from the Gods. By immersing themselves in Bonnet’s intriguing book, writers will learn how to write better and readers can learn how to live better, all the while being vastly entertained.”
- Don Murray, award winning writer, actor, producer of THE HOODLUM PRIEST

“Page Turner. Stealing Fire from the Gods is an intriguing analysis that brings a unique look and insight to the creative process. And anything that does that is worth exploring.”
- Creative Screenwriting Magazine

“James Bonnet throws convention to the wind when he offers screenwriters a new way to structure stories in his book Stealing Fire from the Gods....Bonnet offers his analysis of myths, legends, fairytales, and such films as Casablanca and Indiana Jones. He discusses the link between all great stories and gives an in depth explanation of the Golden Paradigm, his new story model.”
- Written By, the magazine of the Writers Guild of America, West

“I recommend this book for every screenwriter. I also recommend it for producers, actors and directors with an eye toward Hollywood.”
- Pi Ware, Filmmakers Alliance

Stealing Fire From The Gods by James Bonnet from the writers Store