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What my clients say about my services:


"I optioned the script that you helped me with last year.  …I really believe that your great insights helped to notch up the quality of the script and  contributed to the decision by the producer to option it. "

Steve Napora....Screenwriter


“Angela possesses an astute sense of characterization and storyline. Her editorial skills are tops. She's not afraid to voice on-the-nose criticisms as well as comments on sections that are well done. Her turnaround time is the fastest I've experienced, especially for her level of work. I can no longer finish a first draft script without running it past Angela. No one wields words better in synopses and loglines. She has hooked a client for the life of my career.”  

Marla Hayes…. Screenwriter  


 “I finally found someone who knows what they're talking about. Angela is not only a talented writer, but has a gift for zeroing in on problem sections of a script. She doesn't just point them out, but offers at least two logical and exciting ways to correct the problems. Her editing and fine-tuning description skills have been extremely useful in taking my script to the next level. Her talent for designing killer loglines and a tight, concise synopsis is simply amazing. I'll definitely use Angela's services again in the future!”

Michael Hockney…. Screenwriter/Story Editor 


"Angela's critiquing skills put her in the same league as script analysts who charge twice as much.  She's also a superior editor, wordsmith, and a fountain of just plain terrific ideas.  Add to that her irrepressible optimism, and you've got the best deal going."

K Ray Thomas…. Screenwriter


 Karen Power: Nurse turns EP on $7m pic

"THE GOLDEN PHOENIX is a teen horror / thriller which she worked on with script editor Angela Falkowska, who Karen describes as “a very exciting Script Doctor/editor to work with.” Karen and Michael are currently in the process of financing the production. The Golden Phoenix tells the story of "The hunt for a missing teenage boy and a series of bizarre murders plunge a female Police Officer and Priest into the dark world of a cult who dwells within the walls of a juvenile institution…but can they save him before its too late?” 

From Screen Hub by Anne Richey 

Karen Power.... Executive Producer/Producer/Writer/Director   




 I just wanted to tell you thank you for helping me with the "Journal of a Dinka Boy".  First it was an official selection at the European Independent Film Festival in France and then made it to the semi-finalist. I just couldn't believe that my screenplay was even looked at on international soil. Thank You Angela for your help.  You can go to it if you want using this link.

 Oh, I also wanted to tell you Angela every script you had of mine and I mean every script has won a award in a contest …every one you have done!!! 

Thank You so Much  

 Jomo Merritt.... Screenwriter


"Hi, Angela--  

I have read the [Polished] script and i want to say that i am very pleased i followed my instinct and going with you.

I am very pleased at what you did to the script bring more life to it. I read reviews about your work , i had a lot of other alternates to go with but i choose you because you were very open, understanding and the reviews from other spoke for itself. ...

I will at a later time get you to work on my future projects and refer people to you. I also want to find out if  it is okay to included your name as the script consultant/ editor which you are and give you the credit you deserve, i will keep youposted on the project and thanks you so much once again and remain blessed, you are amazing.


"Thank you so much for your quick and professional  work.  I really appreciate it!


" made some great comments.  Many thanks for the insight.  It certainly seems as though I have to do some revisions...LOL  

Donna Caubarreaux"

 "Thanks for your edits and guidance. You have taught me quite a bit. 


"Good afternoon Angela --

After reading your evaluation, I was thunderstruck. But I needed to hear it from a pro like yourself. You are amazin'. I've got alot of work ahead of me.

I wish I had met you last year cause I would've saved myself alot of money and alot of angst, including the wasted hours laboring over the script....


"Hi Angela

Again I wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did with Singing Ghosts.I wasn't expecting the added comedy or criticking. The comedy was probably enough to take it from Adventure to Adventure/Comedy. The criticking was also appreciated. You hit the same four areas the Page Awards judge did. Okay point taken. Look for it in the Page Awards. 


"Hi Angela! 

I have just purchased and paid for your expertise once again, for help on writing a synopsis for my latest feature "The Boat"
I have tried to add as much information about the storyline into two pages for you to peruse. It is very green at the moment, with it basically just been a mix of plot points and rough storyline.

I seem to be struggling a bit, trying to write a synopsis that pops, so I guess it's time to ask Angela lol!!!

Thanks for your help and guidance!Kind regards

Tania Andrews"

"Hi Angela,

... Thank you, for are appreciated! Yes, please polish C****** for me. Thanks... "

Je'Caryous Johnson...Producer


Gary W. Goldstein
President, The Goldstein Companies

Angela's writing possesses the rare gift of conciseness that Hollywood adores. Her innate storytelling talent is magnified by her sense of economy. Her combination of brevity and 'naturalness' are Angela's strength and the source of her power as a screenwriter. Others may stumble over a scene or a logline, while Angela hones her story down to its essence in a flash.

She approaches life and her work with the same positive attitude and work ethic. In her secondary career as a script consultant, she is no less passionate about helping others succeed.

It's only a matter of time until Hollywood 'discovers' Angela and beats down her door.


Bill Boyle (re adaptation of GREEN DARKNESS)

“Angela and Marla are an exceptional screenwriting partnership that has an truly organic understanding of the screenwriting craft. They exhibit as a team a very shrewd and entertaining approach to their 
screenplays as expressed in ‘[Green Darkness]’ which is a complicated piece of work that flows from scene to scene skillfully and seductively.“

Bill Boyle ...Screenwriting Mentor





















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Angela Falkowska, Script Consultant, Screenplay Analyst, Script Doctor. Offering unique services. Comedy Analysis, Scene Charting, In Depth Analysis, Script Coverage, Loglines, Coaching, more.


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